Sleep and Diabetes

There is a clear relationship between insufficient sleep and the incidence of Diabetes. Sleeping 6 hours or less each night can cause a craving for high calorie carbohydrates. This leads to weight gain and insulin resistance, both of which are major causes of Diabetes. Even more pronounced is the impact of sleep apnea on Diabetes. The incidence of sleep apnea in the general population is 5%. However, amongst diabetics it is over 30%. Sleep apnea can worsen, or even cause Diabetes. Fragmented sleep from not being able to breathe properly at night can cause a decrease in insulin production. Sleep apnea also causes an increase in the production of Cortisol, a hormone which raises blood sugar. If you or a relative have Diabetes and snore, are excessively sleepy, or have trouble sleeping, it is very important to find out if you have an underlying sleep disorder. Taking care of a sleep disorder can lead to improved control of your diabetes.

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