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Wife Stops Breathing

Dear Dr. Rosenberg, My wife quits breathing frequently for 10-20 seconds at a time. Generally, the delay is at the exhale, which comes abruptly and noisily.

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Serbian Sleep Trouble

Dear Dr. Rosenberg, I am from Serbia and was treated for viral pneumonia three years ago. I spent 18 months in the hospital and had to

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Going Crazy?

Dear Dr. Rosenberg, I'm 14 and last night I woke up and couldn't move or speak at all. It looked like there was a man standing

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All REM Sleep?

Dear Dr. Rosenberg, Is there such a thing as all REM sleep? I have lucid dreams the entire time I'm sleeping and have very good recall

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Melatonin Use

Dear Dr. Rosenberg, Is there any effect of long-term use of melatonin 3mg? A: No, not to my knowledge. Many people take melatonin on a nightly basis without

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