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Heart Racing

Dear Dr. Rosenberg, I wake up with a racing heartbeat in the middle of the night, especially after a nightmare. A: It is common to wake up with

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PTSD and Sleep Apnea

Dear Dr. Rosenberg, I am a disabled veteran, suffer from PTSD, and am doing research to find a link between PTSD and sleep apnea. You stated

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Symptoms of Narcolepsy?

Dear Dr. Rosenberg, I have recently begun researching narcolepsy after realizing my sleep paralysis and hallucinations were abnormal. I always thought I was so tired because

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CPAP Alternative?

Dear Dr. Rosenberg, We've all heard of the CPAP alternatives for those with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea, but are there any effective treatments now

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Sex During Sleep

Dear Dr. Rosenberg, My daughters, who are now in their 60s, accused me of sexual abuse when they were pre teens. They accused me of these

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