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Help for Terrifying Nightmares?

Dear Dr. Rosenberg, I've had horrible nightmares every single night for the past ten days. The scenes in the dreams are vivid and surreal and make

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Sundowning by Elderly?

Dear Dr. Rosenberg, What would help my 89-year-old father sleep? Melatonin does not help. He's currently in a nursing home rehabbing from a fall. He barely

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Dear Dr. Rosenberg, Last night I was having a very peaceful dream. I know this because my husband woke me up out of the dream. He

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Waking Up Too Early

Dear Dr. Rosenberg, I naturally feel sleepy around midnight. However, for a while now I have been waking between 5-7a.m. feeling tired & anxious. Sometimes I

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Best Sleep Apnea Device?

Dear Dr. Rosenberg, What is the best device for sleep apnea? A: Positive pressure devices such as CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) are the most reliable. They are

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